Save Modbury Hospital

03 Feb 2015

The State Labor Government recently announced plans to shut down the Modbury Hospital.

The Modbury Hospital plays an important role in delivering vital health care services to thousands of South Australians, particularly in an emergency.

The Government wants to divert tens of thousands of emergency patients from Modbury to a mega-Emergency Department at the Lyell McEwin Hospital in Elizabeth.

The Government believes making patients travel longer distances to an already overstretched Emergency Department will result in better care.

No community should have to pay for Labor’s failure to manage the State’s finances with the devastating loss of its Emergency Department or other frontline services.

That’s why we need to take a stand against the State Labor Government’s plan to downgrade its Emergency Department.

Complete the State Liberal Team's petition at

Join us in taking a stand against Labor’s cuts and closures. Say ‘NO’ to public hospital cuts and Emergency Department closures.