Our Plan for Affordable, Reliable Power

05 Nov 2018

For too long, energy companies have been getting away with ripping off Sturt households, which is why I am pleased that it is the Morrison Government’s priority to reduce power prices and ensure that lights are kept on. It is important that Australians are put back in charge of their household energy and are able to rely on electricity, so that they can stop hurting at the hands of big energy companies. In order to achieve this, the Coalition has a four-point plan that will make sure Australians pay less for electricity.

This plan includes:

  1. Taking a big stick to big energy companies to stop the rip offs
  2. Creating a price safety net to protect customers
  3. Backing investment in reliable power generation to improve competition
  4. Supporting reliable power by requiring energy companies to guarantee enough energy to meet demand.

This four-point-plan adds to the progress the Coalition has already made on energy since being elected, such as negotiating better electricity deals for 1.6 households and providing Energy Assistance Payments to age and disability support pensioners, single parents and veterans.

Bill Shorten and Labor, on the other hand, want to increase power prices even more through their plan to make generators produce 50% of electricity from renewables. This is an unaffordable and unnecessary extra expense for Australians considering the fact that we are already on track to meet our existing targets.

It is clear that only the Morrison Coalition Government has a plan for reliable and affordable power that will reduce household power prices in Sturt.